Custom design

Liz Mac Designs works collaboratively with clients to accommodate their needs. Liz makes designs for fashion and homewares and also creates eye-catching patterns for products or packaging.

During the design process, the client shares their vision with Liz who crafts a one-off pattern that can work within current surroundings or become a statement piece. When commissioning, special consideration is made to design, style, colour, scale and the purpose of the finished product. The process has several stages…

The Design process

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The designer and client collect inspiration focussing on subject matter, colour and images. This step helps consolidate ideas and communicate the feel of the design.


The design starts coming to life. The designer produces motifs and a layout. In consultation with the client, the design, layout, scale and colours are finalised.



Final Design

The custom design is supplied print-ready and as a unique artwork to be used on the final product.

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One design often leads to another.....

A design can be used as the basis for a collection of designs. The possibilities are endless.

Interested in ready-made or tailor-made prints from Liz Mac Designs? Contact her for a consultation. or message her here