Liz Mac Designs is the brainchild of textile and surface pattern designer Elizabeth McGarrigle. Her love of nature's motifs, textures and hues inspire the unique designs Liz crafts for the apparel and homewares markets.

Liz's passion for design began during her childhood in Britain's rural Warwickshire. There, life was ruled by the seasons. Springtime brought baby frogs and birdsong to the orchard garden. Summer was an explosion of technicoloured flowers and bumble bees. Autumn saw her family wade through terracotta leaves to rescue apples for apple pies. In winter skeletal trees became covered in snow, and Liz sat by an open fire drawing.

Now based in Sydney, Australia, Liz is still mesmerised by the beauty around her. Trained in traditional and digital design plus textiles and fashion, her collections of enchanting patterns are available ready-made or tailor-made. Custom designing for clients around the globe, Liz creates one-off patterns that range from traditional and sophisticated to contemporary and fun. Whatever the style, her desire is to enrich her clients' worlds with eye-catching designs.

Interested in ready-made or tailor-made prints from Liz Mac Designs? Contact her for a consultation.